Bambú: materia y diseño

Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo

Brian Erickson

18 de Enero - 5 de marzo. 1995. Sala II

Curaduría: Rolando Castellón

“After a tow-year stint working on a bamboo project in Nicaragua, Brain moved to the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica to study the Taiwanese Bamboo Technical Mission. Securing work at the National Bamboo Project in Guápiles proved a challenging task, but eventually his persistence paid off (…) A current exhibit at the Museum of Art and Contemporary Design displays bamboo tables, chairs, and sofas, among others (…) all prototypes that will eventually be mass-produced (…)”Adrienne Urbina. A Mixed Marriage of Paint and Bamboo. What´s doing. The Tico Times, February 10, 1995.

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